Where’d ya get dem shoes?

For many NOLA women the Krewe of Muses, an all women krewe, is the Parade Not To Be Missed and catching one of their fantastic decorated shoes is highly desired. Here are a few photos of Muses shoes for 2012 decorated by the Über Talented Wendy Westfaul. Click here for more shoe pics and to see Wendy’s creative process. Watch this space for photos from this years Muses parade which is tomorrow night!

jazz fest wellies on the ground

In honor of the mud, here is the consummate footwear to trudge through the muck at Jazz Fest. All I did was ask nicely and everyone obliged.

This first pic started it all – I thought of the owner of this lone flip-flop, and wondered how she made it home with only one – then I thought how smart would she have been…

…if she had only worn wellies!

these look confortable

I liked her pose, her boots look like gators!

homegirl representin’!

in homage to the firemen

more pink

lotsa dots

leather works too

I like this young lady’s choice of different socks

flower power!

I’m loving the houndstooth

This lady’s friends added the bling on the side

I’m not sure about the cowboy boot rain boots..

…you decide

go go boots!

lotsa plaid versions

This lady thought the picture would have more impact if she posed in the mud – I agree

peace out!

she’s ready for the blues tent

ladybugs bring good luck!

hearts bring love

There were lots of animal prints, these were cool because they were iridescent

This lady said to mention her name, which is Yah – I think she had the most well built boots

Ed Hardy style boots were abundant

She was having a boot malfunction

groovy boots

and boot-ies

a trio of boots – smart women here!

even the security guards had cool boots

the boot family

horsey boots

I like the stripes!


mom and daughter

and boots that need their mom

Thanks everyone for letting me snap your boots

Happy Jazz Fest!