Veterans Day Rant

I hate the title of this blog post, but it is so true. How many of you say “thank you for your service” when you notice men with baseball caps indicating they served our country? Or National Guards people who are in uniform? I figure about 5 percent.

They have become – since the days of the Vietnam Veterans – forgotten Americans.

And they put THEIR lives on the line every day during their tours of duty so that we can hang out with friends, go to ball games and simply sleep soundly at night.

There are reputable organizations out there that help our Veterans. I donate to Paralyzed Veterans of America…$10/month.

Here’s a link for grateful Americans to help support our Veterans because American Government is NOT .

If you would like to help our Vets – from WWII thru Afghanistan – above is a link to resources. Choose one, donate monthly. It doesn’t have to be a lot. Everyone thinks “well enough people will donate, so I don’t have to”….YES YOU DO!!! THESE PEOPLE PUT THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE FOR YOU!!!!

Many of them are homeless, like the video above. Many of them are on food stamps, which have recently been cut ( thanks G.O.P.). You sent these people to witness and perform unspeakable acts and you bastards want to sweep them under

There are thousands of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans who have PTSD. How many are being helped? How many are waiting almost TWO FUCKING YEARS to get help from the bogged down with government bereaucracy at Veterans Administration These people need help NOW, not when it’s convenient for some government worker to get to the bottom of their ‘TO DO’ list.

HELP OUR VETERANS, PLEASE. They didn’t think twice about protecting you.