Mennonites in NOLA

Yesterday I had the pleasure to go a look at the ships that are in New Orleans for Fleet Week and while there, I took these photos and spoke to a remarkable group of women who are in town to help rebuild houses.  Almost seven years later, and the Mennonites are still here helping.  These ladies have been helping in New Orleans since Katrina! THANK YOU! Thank you! 

Sunday Postscripts

NOLAFemmes got a really nice email a few days ago from Tanya Gullliver of Toronto2NOLA’s Blog and I want to share it with y’all:

I’m a student from Toronto Ontario who loves New Orleans. I’ve just started a PhD looking at the differential impact of Hurricane Katrina and how communities (particularly Lower Ninth and St Bernard Parish). In May I brought 23 students down for two weeks to some rebuilding in those two communities, as well as wetlands restoration. Last week we launched our fundraiser “Toronto2NOLA 4NOLA” raising $15000 for the St.Bernard Project.

I just came across your blog and blogged about it at

I look forward to reading it and hopefully meeting some of you when I am down over the next few years

(Emphasis is mine.)

Wow! I’ve done some reading on the blog and it’s clear Tanya and her students made a significant contribution to rebuilding our city. Here in the May archives is an excellent recap with photos of where they went and what they did .


Also she writes about on-going issues in the city such as the Save Charity Hospital movement and reviews of Katrina-related books by local authors. (Including “Down In New Orleans: Reflections from a Drowned City” by Billy Sothern, husband of our own Nikki Page Sothern.)

Clearly, Tanya is a trumpeteer of this city we love so much and we thank her and her students for everything they’ve done and continue to do. Please visit Toronto2NOLA — you’ll be glad you did.

Speaking of the Save Charity Hospital movement, I’d love for y’all to go take a look at the photo’s of last Monday’s Second Line here. The photographer is “New Orleans Lady” and if you’re into photography and live in NoLA then you surely know about her. I’ve been an admirer of her beautiful photos and unique perspective for years.
So clicky-clicky the link and sit back for a great slide show of New Orleanians marching peacefully together in a common cause. A couple of pix below:




That’s it for this Sunday, kidz. Once again the kitchen is calling me to get the rice cookin and make the gravy.
Take care, y’all.